Wednesday, 3 June 2020

June 03, 2020

How To Start An Online Business

At this time, the internet provides many benefits, one of which is the rapid development of information. Utilizing the internet to make a business might be a worthy choice to try. The large number of people who access and ease of access makes the internet a good place to start small online business. There are several ways to start a small business online. 

1. Determine which products are in demand for online businesses

The first Important thing to do in determining the product is market research. Knowing the goods or services needed by the community will certainly open up better business opportunities. You can do some research by visiting several forums or communities to find out the goods or services that are needed. Then, look for similar products or services by finding out their advantages and disadvantages. This method can be used to determine ways to improve product quality so as to increase public interest in goods or services. This method will also show how good your product is with products that are out there.

2. Choosing the right name for an online business

Names are things to be thought about seriously. The name of your product or service will be used for a long time. Choose a name that is easy to remember and simple. Choosing a name is important to attract consumers and make it easier for consumers to remember the name of the product or service. Do some name research on Google to make sure the name you use is not the same as other products or services. If you are having trouble finding a name for your business, use several sites that can help you provide name recommendations. Even though it is mostly paid, you can get a unique name that is easy for customers to remember.

3. Start building an online business

For those of you who are starting an online business, you can take advantage of the marketplace and social media. When you first start your business it might be difficult to reach many customers, so opening a business in a marketplace like eBay and other marketplaces will help your business. Moreover, social media is also a place to open a good business as well as a place of promotion. Social media has become an efficient place to open a business because it is easier to reach the market, easily accessible and certainly cheaper and even free. You can use Instagram which is currently equipped with business features. Facebook and Twitter are also great places to open businesses. You must be able to determine your target customers as a strategy for marketing your online business.

4. Market your online business

Promotion is important to introduce your product or service business to be more recognized by the public. You can easily do promotions through social media. Using the services of influencers might be a good idea. Some influencers have potential followers to market your goods or services. In addition, you can also use paid social media advertising services. You also need to start learning about digital marketing to maximize your business. The use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can increase searches regarding your online business.

5. Maintaining good relations with the customer

It is important to maintain a good relationship with consumers who have used your goods or services. You can create a list of customers to provide some important information such as the latest products or discount promos. Use social chat like Whatsapp, Line, BBM or even Email. Social chat can be used as a way to maintain good relations with consumers as well as a way to promote or more commonly referred to as direct marketing for your online business.

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

June 02, 2020

Proper Marketing Management Strategies

Every business definitely needs proper marketing management strategies. With those proper strategies, a company’s goals and targets can be achieved. Marketing management has vital roles in a business. There are 5 essential concepts in marketing management. Here they are. 

Proper Marketing Management Strategies: Production Concept

This concept is a conventional concept embraced by companies with stable management systems. It is because a big production is more prioritized in order to suppress the production fee. Moreover, the distribution fee can also be suppressed. This way, the selling price of the products or services can be more affordable. As you know, customers prefer to choose affordable products or services. Even though there are other customers who do not mind paying more in order to get quality products or services.

Proper Marketing Management Strategies: Product Concept

In producing products or services, you should prioritize the quality. So that you will be able to get loyal customers who do not mind to repurchase your products or services. But it has to be noted that the quality influences the price. Besides quality and price, your products or services should have characteristics which make it different from your competitors’ products. You should be careful in creating your product concept.

Proper Marketing Management Strategies: Selling Concept

The next essential concept in proper marketing management strategies is the selling concept. Once your products are ready, the quality and quantity are adequate, and the selling price is set, the next thing you should prepare for a marketing management is the selling concept. A company should have proper ways or strategies according to the target. There are some selling concepts that you can try to get customers. For example, through a promotion. You can offer special deals or special discounts so that customers will be attracted to buy your products or services. But once there are no special deals or special discounts anymore, customers will likely buy other products.

Proper Marketing Management Strategies: Marketing Concept

Customers are everything for a company which applies this concept. Customers’ needs will really be their priority. The company will spare time in order to interact with their customers and also hear their critics and suggestions more. Research or survey is often performed before they decide a process of production or marketing. The main focus is on an additional value in order to differentiate them from their competitors.

Proper Marketing Management Strategies: General Marketing Concept

In this concept, a company is not only oriented to profits but also the benefits for their customers. The company believes that their business will be successful if their customers are satisfied and their products or services have positive impacts on the customers or community.

Do not ever underestimate marketing management. Without proper marketing management strategies, a business will likely go down. If you want your business positively develops, you should apply the right marketing management. You should also think about the kind of business you are running. If you are running a startup business, marketing through social media will be suitable.

Monday, 1 June 2020

June 01, 2020

The Importance of Invoices in A Business

When you are running a business, you are required to understand many important terms related to the industry. Especially if you are the owner of the business. When it comes to businesses, it is mostly about finance and transactions. And one of the most common terms used in financial and transactions is invoices. Invoices play quite an important role in the business industry. For those of you who are not familiar with invoices, here is some information about the importance of invoices.

The Importance of Invoices: What is Invoices?

As it is said before, invoices are related to financial and transaction matters on a big scale. Generally, invoices is a document filled with information about purchasing performed by a company or institution. Invoices can also be used as a billing given by the seller to the buyer. The seller will usually fill it with detailed transaction information, such as the names of the items, kinds, prices, the number of the purchased items, and also the total that the buyer should pay. The dates of purchasing are also written in the document. In making such an important document, the sellers often print it in 3 copies. And every copy has its own functions. The first copy is usually used as evidence that a company has paid off the payment. The second copy is used as a data collection in the sales department. And the third copy is used as a report for the finance department.

Every copy can also be used as evidence if the purchasing is performed by using a credit system. In several conditions, invoices can be in the form of notice or receipt.

The Importance of Invoices: The Functions of Invoices in Business Transactions

The functions of invoices reveal the importance of invoices itself. Filled with detailed transaction information, the primary function of invoices is as a billing document from sellers to buyers. However, there are some other functions of this document in business transactions. The first function is as a document filled with information about products or services purchased by customers or buyers. Through invoices, buyers will be able to know the total payment or bill that they must pay off. This way, if there are any mistakes with the deal in the purchase order, customers can make complaints or even cancel the transaction.

The next function is as a reference when products or services are resold to a third party or added to business financial accounting. If necessary, a company can also use invoices as a tax invoices document. So, by having the important document, buyers will be able to know the details of their transactions as well as other various functions. Monitoring and managing business activities can be easily done by saving invoices.

Those are the importance of invoices in a business. With its various functions, invoices can help the process of transaction and recording on a company’s financial reports. There are 3 different types of invoices, which are standard, proforma, and consular. Use the most suitable one for your business transactions.
June 01, 2020

Recommended Businesses Based On Your Drawing Skill

The creative business industry has been becoming a hype for the past few years. Quite many people open and run their own creative businesses because this kind of business is pretty promising. For you who are blessed with a drawing skill, you can also use your skill to run a creative business. It can be said that business opportunities based on a drawing skill do not have many competitors like other businesses. If you want to earn money from your drawing skill, here are recommended businesses based on your drawing skills.

Recommended Businesses Based On Your Drawing Skill: Face Sketch

A face sketch business is one of the businesses that you can try by using your drawing skills. This kind of creative business is a unique art business and pretty easy to get customers. Some teenagers give their best friends a face sketch for a gift. Whether it is a graduation gift, birthday gift, and many more. So, you can use this chance to open and run a face sketch business. Moreover, in some countries, people who have the skill of drawing a face sketch can get a job from the police. They are required to draw a face sketch of the criminals. So, there are some opportunities for this creative business.

If you have a skill in designing a logo, you can try to become a freelancer in design websites. On those design websites, post and show off your logo designs in order to get customers. If you already have many customers who are satisfied with your work, you can start to open and run your logo designing business.

Recommended Businesses Based On Your Drawing Skill: Illustrator

The next recommended business based on your drawing skill is an illustrator. As you perhaps already know, anime and comics have a lot of fans. So, this becomes an opportunity that you should not miss to become an illustrator. Since there are many online comics and webtoons, you can introduce your work through your social media accounts. There is a possibility that you will get customers from your social media accounts.

Recommended Businesses Based On Your Drawing Skill: Interior Design

Interior designers are still in high demand up to now. It is not surprising because there are a lot of new residences. Interior designers are not only required for residences but also for offices, stores, restaurants, hotels, and many other buildings. If you have a drawing skill, there is nothing wrong to develop your skill by learning anything related to interior designs. For example, the most popular and trendy interior designs today. There are a lot of ideas and tutorials about interior designs that you can learn through the internet. You can learn through tutorial videos on Youtube. One of the most favorite interior designs today are the ones for living rooms and bedrooms.

Those are the recommended businesses based on your drawing skill that you can try. If you have such a blessed skill that not many people have it, make sure you use it for good.

Friday, 29 May 2020

May 29, 2020

Direct Response Marketing for Your Better Business

 Have you ever thought of applying direct response marketing to your business? This old but gold strategy in marketing has proved effective over the decades to bring more profits into companies. In an era where technology rules almost all aspects of life, this marketing strategy is even more developed than before. If you are interested in this strategy, keep scrolling down until the end of this page. 

Direct Response Marketing: What Is It?

The key to understanding this term is by highlighting the word ‘direct’ in it. Some experts define direct response marketing, or direct marketing, as a way of marketing products or services by directly reaching the consumers. In other words, the company does not involve any middleman or intermediary to market its products. This way is hoped to be able to gain a quick response from the customers.

There are many ways that can be implemented to reach the consumers directly and gain a fast response from them. Direct mail has been the most popular one and it remains the same until today. Other available options for this direct response marketing are telemarketing, TV, catalog marketing, and other direct response channels.

In this computerized technology, you can also use personalized email to the customers. Creative content in a brochure is an essential thing to attract them. You can also provide a direct link, available phone number, or welcome them to send a reply to respond to the email. It is such an ease in this era, isn’t it?

How to Make Direct Response Marketing Works in Your Business?

Even though the core idea of direct response marketing is to reach the consumers directly, you cannot carelessly reach all of the customers. You are to select the prospective ones. How? You have to find some data or profiles about your future consumers in advance. That way, you can cut some budgets on marketing your products or services. At the same time, you are also being effective and efficient in getting customers.

If you choose to use email as your platform channel in implementing direct response marketing, you can attract them to subscribe to your email through your products or services’ official website. That way, you know that they have an interest in your products. Later, you can send a promo or introduce new products directly to their email.

Direct response marketing is not only considered more effective and efficient to invite customers but it also very beneficial in cutting unnecessary expenses on marketing. That way, you can decrease the price of your products or services and even get more customers. So, are you in for direct response marketing for your better business?
May 29, 2020

Direct Mail as a Direct Marketing Channel: Is It Effective or Outdated?

While some people put their trust in direct marketing to increase profits to their companies, some of them remain bamboozled in choosing the best direct marketing channel for introducing their products or services to the public. From the classic channels to the ones that have been touched by the recent technology, direct marketing has them all. However, talking about the legendary channel, you cannot skip direct mail from this strategy.

Direct Marketing Channel: A Bridge to Reach Customers

The main idea of direct marketing is reaching the consumers directly without any intermediary in marketing the company’s products. As the role of the intermediary is elicited, the cost on that field can be cut. Therefore, the price of the products can be decreased. That is why this marketing strategy is favorable to the majority of businesses.

Fast response from the customers is the shortest goal of this strategy. That response gives a signal to the company that certain consumers have an interest in the products. The further goal is to make the customers place an order and thus creates profits for your company. This cycle proves that reaching the customers in the right way is essential as it will influence how much income your company makes.

The task of reaching the customers lies on the shoulder of the direct marketing channel. It is the media that are bridging your company and your customers. Many channels are used for the purpose. Telemarketing, email, TV, and catalog marketing are some of them. Direct mail is another example of a direct marketing channel that has been used since this term was first introduced to the field.

The Use of Direct Mail as a Direct Marketing Channel in This Era

Direct mail can be understood as a mail, a package, or a sample of a product that is sent directly to an address. In this modernized era where almost everything is accomplished via a computerized system, direct mail is sometimes considered outdated and not simple. You will have to go to the post office or delivery agent to have your package sent compared to sending an electronic mail where you can do it from inside your room.

However, as a marketing strategy, this media is seen as a very personalized message. The customers will notice your company, as well as your sample product, better than a message sent to their emails. Furthermore, they can see and touch your sample product and not just imagining it. Response rates of this direct marketing channel tend to be high and easy to be measured.

Therefore, direct mail is not an outdated media in a business. It rather becomes a personal message sent to customers. As history in the industry reveals, involving emotional feelings in marketing can never go wrong. Thus, it is wise to say that direct mail is one of the effective channels to market your products.

Choosing direct marketing for your business is a good step to take. However, you are to be careful in choosing which media to be used for the purpose. Direct mail is a direct marketing channel that owns many advantages and seen effective to boost the profits of your company.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

May 28, 2020

Business Intelligence: Success Factors and Benefits to Know

Business intelligence or BI is a term that is quite popular currently. What is it actually? The term is defined as a group of techniques and tools to transform raw data into beneficial and meaningful information for business analysis. The technology can treat even non-structural data in a huge amount. This way, the process of identification and development of new business strategies can be much easier.

For a company, the implementation of IB is very essential nowadays mainly to support its business decisions starting from the operation to strategies. The operation decision includes placement and products’ prices anyway. Meanwhile, strategies are about priorities, purposes, and directions on the higher level.

Success Factors of BI Implementation

Although BI products must have been programmed as well as possible to analyze data more accurately, there are still some factors that determine whether it will be successful or not. First, there must be enough data to process. Without enough data, the implementation of BI can be failed no matter how good support from the management. So, before implementation, it is important to profile data first.

Second, there is a possibility of choosing unnecessary features. Therefore, you are suggested to really understand how BI works. Make sure also to learn about details of features given so that you can just apply them to process data properly.

Benefits of BI Implementation

With features available in BI, it can give new strengths to our business as well as change our ways of running it. Sure, its implementation also gives you some benefits. What are they?

First of all, the implementation of BI helps you to gain more accurate information. Therefore, you can make business decisions based on data, not based on instinct. Sure, if you think your instinct is good enough, you can combine both so that the result is greater.

Second, BI is known to be good in identifying new opportunities with information data given. It is easier to gain new information about the chances and potentials that have been owned by your business so far. This point is quite interesting anyway. Many business owners and management teams often miss out on good chances since they just don’t realize that they are potential.

Third, BI is also helpful in processing the business management very well. in business management, there are often pros and cons within the team causing some important decisions cannot be taken. At least, this method can just help your team to find the better decision while removing the worse one without too many debates.

Fourth, solutions offered in BI tend to let you save more time. Sure, this method is able to give you business reports that you need only in seconds. You can just compare it with finding solutions manually. Although in some cases this old method is more necessary, in many other cases, it is much better and more effective to use BI.

Lastly, it is about allocating the resources you have more accurately. Undeniably, one of problems in a business is how the resource cannot be allocated and used well. Therefore, they are just wasted and causing loss. The presence of business intelligence simply makes sure that those risks will not happen in the future.